Post-Jam fixes and more!

So, first of all thanks to everyone who played the game and all the feedback I received, this is just a small update to fix some bugs and change a few things to make the game more fun.

I'm really happy so many people liked this small game! Thank you! (and a special thanks to the person who donated, you made my whole month!).

This are all the changes made:

  • Tweaked the spawn rate of the big rocks, as you get more upgrades, the spawn rate gets a bit faster.
  • Tweaked the spawn rate of the "Flares" (the big squares that go fast :p).
  • Fixed a bug that made the yellow enemy disappear instantly even tho it was on screen.
  • Now the yellow enemy can lose lives from being hit by another enemy (but can't be killed by it so the player still gets a chance)
  • Fixed some rock collision to be more precise.
  • Tweaked the upgrades you can get from the boxes.
  • Fixed speed of bullets shooted from the back.
  • Tweaked camera shaking to be less abrupt.
  • Fixed a bug when player died didn't play the explosion animation.
  • And lastly cleaned the project, this doesn't affect gameplay but just so you know.

I think that's it but I may be forgetting something, anyways, I would like to know what do you think I should add to the game, I don't have any idea where I should go from here but I'll see.

Also I recently made a two button platformer called Little Knight for another Game Jam, if you want to give it a try you can go to my profile or clicking this link.

And again, thanks to everyone!

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